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What is Upcycling?

It takes a special vision to look at a pile of discards and see potential beauty and utility. Today, the practice is called upcycling, but Allan has been using junk raw materials for his artwork for decades.


Upcycling isn't a new concept. Allan's father grew up on a farm during the depression and through him, he learned the value and passion for reuse.  


Today, the impetus to upcycle might just as easily come from the creative challenge of finding beauty in otherwise useless trash or from a desire to positively impact the environment by giving new life to items destined for landfills.


Allan's artwork was initially sparked from a strong need to express his creative drive coupled with the possibilities he could see in each discarded item. 


Since then, he has shared his passion of giving a new life to a discarded item and the smiles it brings to people's faces when he shares the stories behind each piece.  

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