Allan Honc, is what his wife, Patti, jokingly calls "a keeper." While a man with a real sense of family, what she really means is that Allan often finds broken or discarded items and will either fix them or repurpose them into something of greater value. 


He has the ability to look at a pile of broken and discarded trash and see beauty and utility where others would only see junk. This practice is now popularly called "upcycling," but is a practice Allan has enjoyed for decades.


One of Allan's greatest satisfactions has been to take an object with great sentimental value, such as the hammer used for many years by a family member, and create a treasured gift and a lasting remembrance.


In 2009, Allan took a deep breath and launched Flatlander Creations... and hasn't looked back since. Flatlander artwork has found an enthusiastic following among fans of upcycled artwork and Allan and Patti are regulars at art shows throughout Portland, Oregon.


Today, Flatlander artwork can be found in local homes and gardens throughout Oregon, the Pacific Northwest, and in far-off corners of the globe.


View Past Projects for a gallery Allan's many sculptures and functional pieces or find out what's available online in Available for Sale.


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